100% non-combustible

Unlike lumber, cold-formed steel does not contribute any fuel to a building fire.   Insurance underwriters also recognize the inherent fireproof benefits of cold-formed steel as a framing material and adjust their premiums accordingly, saving some building owners as much as 70% over conventional framing. In some cases where the finishes or interior of a structure have been burned, new finishes can be simply be applied directly over the existing steel framing.

Recycled/recyclable material

All of VanderWal Group's cold-formed steel framing members are manufactured in Electric Arc Furnaces (EAF) that typically utilize around 95% scrap or recovered steel. There is precisely ZERO landfill waste created by any of VanderWal Group's manufacturing processes.

Pre-engineering and prefabrication

By engineering and fabricating its cold-formed steel components off-site, VanderWal Group successfully circumvents the errors commonly attributed to stick-framing or on-site fabrication. Controlled facilities are dedicated exclusively to the fabrication of cold-formed steel, with state-of-the-art technology employed to ensure strict adherence to project measurements. Skilled, experienced professionals ensure that each individual component is formed to the highest standards.


Prefabricated cold-formed steel components allow for unparalleled install speed. With panelized wall and floor systems combined with prefabricated trusses, VanderWal Group's system can reduce installation time by as much as 75% compared with conventional framing. It requires fewer workers and less time to erect cold-formed steel components and when the site allows, trusses are assembled into sheathed roof sections that are hoisted into final position by crane, making a safer environment for employees.

Architectural and structural flexibility

There is practically no application for which CFS cannot be effectively utilized. Boasting the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any typical building material, VanderWal Group has successfully designed, engineered and fabricated myriad unique shapes including curved trusses and dome roofs, condominium turrets, solar panel frames, pipe supports and advertising hoardings.


Cold-formed steel is hot-dip galvanized for performance and durability. Studies have shown that even in the most aggressive conditions the projected structural life of a cold-formed steel member extends into centuries. It does not crack, shrink, warp or twist; it retains its geometric properties almost indefinitely, meaning that wall, floor and ceiling finishes remain straight and true while maintaining a tight building envelope to control heating/cooling costs.


Cold-formed steel does not provide a source of food for infestations such as mould, termites, insects or rodents. It is inorganic, and consequently there are no off-gases emitted into the building envelope (as there would be from drying lumber, for example) to compromise air quality and exacerbate respiratory problems.