Cold-Formed Steel Truss Packages

Our cold-formed steel trusses are pre-engineered and prefabricated to provide consistent and uniform roof and/or floor systems.  In addition to fully engineered trusses these packages included a variety of truss-related accessories to help complete any building project, including:

  • Permanent And Temporary Bracing
  • Soffit / Fascia Framing
  • Bearing And Connection Clips
  • Decking / Sheathing Materials
  • Complete Installation Services

Our cold-formed steel truss systems can be designed for connection to a variety of support materials and can be used to support a myriad of finished roofing assemblies.  Additionally the custom cold-formed steel truss packages can be designed to support any number of structural loads as required by the project design team.  (IE. snow drifting, mechanical, occupancy, ETC.)

Cold-Formed Steel Wall Panel Packages

Our pre-engineered, panelized cold-formed steel walls and accessories are fabricated in a carefully controlled factory environment to ensure accuracy and precision.   In addition to fully engineered panelized walls these packages included a variety of wall accessories to ensure a complete framing system, including:

  • Bridging And Bracing
  • Shear Panel Options
  • Exterior Sheathings
  • Pre-Insulation Options
  • Complete Installation Services

Our cold-formed steel wall panel systems enable speed of installation and provide the opportunity to maximize the efficient use of site time.  The panelized wall systems can be designed for use in combination with both standardized and specialized floor and roof systems. (IE. Precast Slabs, OWSJ, Hambro, ComSlab, ETC.)

Cold-Formed Steel Joist Packages

Our pre-engineered cold-formed steel joist packages are custom designed for each building application.  With panelization options available, site install times can be significantly reduced in comparison to standard installation methods.  Each joist system is fully engineered and provided with a complete accessories package that includes:

  • Roof  / Floor Joist Materials
  • Bridging / Blocking / Strapping
  • Standard Edge Supports & Rim Joist Materials
  • Bearing And Connection Clips
  • Decking / Sheathing Materials
  • Complete Installation Services

Our cold-formed steel joist systems offer a non-combustible option for floor and roof joist framing and are completely compatible with a variety of support materials. (IE. Structural Steel, Concrete, CFS, ETC.)

Accessories Packages

VanderWal Homes & Commercial Group Inc.  provides a range of cold-formed steel accessories with its customized framing systems and specializes in providing one-stop, turnkey structural framing packages.  

Accessory packages vary depending on the specified components and standard materials often include hold-down clips, connector clips, bracing, blocking, bridging and strapping, all included as part of the project quote as and when required.  Similar to our structural framing materials, accessories are zinc-treated for longevity.

All of our accessory products can be made available to our clients and at their request additional materials can be provided for use outside of our scope.


An array of assemblies and applications necessitate a wide variety of sheathing materials.  To maximize the benefit from prefabricated cold-formed steel components VanderWal Homes & Commercial Group Inc. offers to include a variety sheathing materials on panelized assemblies.

The versatility of cold-formed steel framing easily accommodates a wide selection of sheathings to be utilized as part of the assemblies.  From standard materials like structural metal decking and exterior-grade gypsum board to specialty products like structural floor panels, we can work with you to provide a solution that best fits your project.


As more and more building owners seek to condense the construction schedule while still demanding products of the highest quality, a significant shift to offsite assembly is occurring in the construction industry.  VanderWal Homes & Commercial Group Inc. has introduced a pre-insulated prefabricated cold-formed steel wall panel system that incorporates a closed cell polyurethane spray foam applied to the backside of the exterior sheathing within the wall cavity.  

By incorporating this layer of insulation in the prefabricated panel assembly, the insulation is installed in a carefully controlled factory environment and an onsite trade is completely eliminated from the schedule.  

This pre-insulated cold-formed steel panel system allows owners to maximize quality while eliminating onsite labour and reducing install time.  This results in faster overall building completions and a more-timely Return On Investment (ROI) for the owner.

Panelized Pre-Insulated Cold-Formed Steel Structures

VanderWal Homes & Commercial Group Inc. has the ability to provide complete ready made building packages ideal for remote industrial applications.  Custom designed completely non-combustible construction including insulation and exterior metal finishes.  Building sizes starting from as small as 6 SqM and ranging upward, inclusive of clear spans of 25m (80’-0”). Find out more about these structures by clicking on the link below.

Container Buildings

Container buildings offer unique storage solutions and are ideal for mobile companies, remote locations or any application where a permanent structure footing is undesired or unnecessary.  By using new or recycled shipping containers mated with cold-formed steel panelized framing, VanderWal Homes & Commercial Group Inc. can manufacture building packages that can be assembled quickly and easily.  Providing enclosed storage space that is easily secured and protected.  Find out more about these buildings by clicking on the link below.

Custom Pre-Engineered Steel Building Systems

VanderWal Homes & Commercial Group Inc. is an industry leading building fabricator/supplier with a specialty in steel structures.  As an authorized supplier of Nucor Building Systems, VanderWal Homes & Commercial Group Inc. is able to offer you a wide array of building solutions that are custom designed to your specific needs. 

Comprehensive design software assures structural integrity and energy efficiency of the pre-engineered buildings while maintaining design flexibility for the end user.  Pre-engineered structures are typically cost-effective, efficient, and faster to erect than conventional construction methods.  Advantages that make the buildings ideal solutions in a wide variety of industries including commercial, industrial, agricultural, community, and retail applications.


VanderWal Homes & Commercial Group Inc. offers COMSLAB as a preferred floor system to use in combination with our Cold-Formed Steel Framing Packages.  COMSLAB is a combination of deep steel metal decking and a concrete cover slab that have cured together and bonded structurally as one element.  This construction technique results in significant cost savings and is ideal for fast track construction.

Simple base components install quickly and easily even in tight work environments.  Efficient use of steel and concrete allows for long span and slim floors.  The poured concrete component of the COMSLAB system provides a consistent and uniform top surface that is completely level for the installation of wall framing above.

Base assemblies achieve fire ratings of 1 & 1.5 Hour(s) protection with the ability to upgrade to 2 hour protection.  Base assemblies also achieve sound attenuation values up to STC 61.


Consulting Services

Within the construction industry, customization and freedom of design is paramount to modern developments.  Each project provides a unique opportunity to construct an environment and re-shape space to fit an owners requirements.  VanderWal Homes & Commercial Group Inc. employs a team of construction experts who thrive on developing framing and building solutions that can be adapted and customized to fit any building project.

VanderWal Homes & Commercial Group Inc. offers a range of consultation options when brought into a project.  No matter the current stage at which the project exists, our design team can work with the information available to provide a comprehensive proposal for moving forward.  Consulting services include:

  • Preliminary Design Reviews & Consultations
  • Budget Estimates
  • Complete Project Proposals
  • Comprehensive Project Quotations
  • Quotations On A Specified Scope Of Work
  • Itemized Tender Submissions
  • Engineered Shop Drawings For Permit
  • Technical Support

VanderWal Homes & Commercial Group Inc. has at its disposal powerful, proprietary design and engineering software that allows virtually any facet of any structure to be efficiently designed, engineered and estimated in Cold-Formed Steel.  Throughout the entire design process, our team of experts work relentlessly to supply the most cost-effective and efficient building solutions while not compromising on our dedication to high quality.

Installation Services

The simplicity of prefabricated systems allows for an ease of installation that can be undertaken by most construction labourers.  However, employing professional experienced installers allow clients to fully take advantage of the speed of installation advantages offered by cold-formed steel prefabricated framing systems.  

Through the years VanderWal Homes & Commercial Group Inc. has developed a network of dedicated, highly skilled construction professionals with extensive experience working with cold-formed steel framing. It is this network which enables us to provide completely installed framing package options for project locations across Canada.  Our network often provides us the opportunity to use local tradesmen while still maximizing site efficiencies and reducing construction schedules.

VanderWal Homes & Commercial Group Inc. also has the ability to tap into a wide network of Professional Engineers for installation inspections.  Ensuring that all installation work has been performed properly and to the quality expected on each of our projects.

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